Having an air conditioner at home can keep you and your family cool and comfortable whichever the season. It’s especially helpful during the summer when the weather can get hot, humid, and uncomfortable. It is why you might decide to keep your AC running all day to escape from the sweltering heat. But, is it really ideal for your unit to run 24/7? Continue reading to learn more.

The Effects of a Constantly Running AC

Of course, the top advantage of keeping your air conditioning unit on is the constant stream of cool air at home. This can keep you cozy even when you’ve just arrived from school or work. Plus, the air indoors gets filtered continuously making for a better and healthier air quality.

Meanwhile, one of the main disadvantages is higher electricity bills. Since your cooling unit runs longer, it naturally consumes more electricity. Another disadvantage is the increased wear and tear. By having your AC on for long periods, it may wear out parts faster, which might eventually call for a residential HVAC repair sooner.

What To Consider Before Leaving Your AC on 24/7

Keeping your AC on all day can be the easiest way out of the summer heat. But, there are a few things you should consider before doing so. Here are some of them:

When You Should Turn Off Your AC

Once your home is at the perfect temperature, you might hesitate to turn off your air conditioner for the rest of the day. But, if you have plans on leaving the house, turning off your AC can depend on how long you’ll be out.

You can keep the unit running if you’re only leaving for a few minutes. Turning it off and switching it back on only after a while may not be ideal for your electricity bills. Plus, doing this will make your system work twice as hard and might take longer to reach your desired indoor temperature.

Your AC Unit’s Features

Checking what features your AC unit has can help you regulate your cooling system. There are units that should be turned off every once in a while, while some can be left running without repercussions. Some modern air conditioning systems have programmable thermostats too, so if you have one, you can be less worried about your electricity bills and your AC’s condition.

Hire an HVAC Technician Today

Performing a regular tune-up can help keep your AC working at its best. If you notice anything unusual with your air conditioning unit, it’s best to call a professional. Contact us at River City Heating & Cooling for residential HVAC repair and services.