There are many benefits to owning a commercial furnace system. Besides its efficient heating, it improves indoor air quality that provides optimized comfort. Plus, most furnace systems are cost-effective, making them a substantial investment for your business establishment.

Eventually, you might encounter issues with your furnace, just like any other equipment. Problems with your heating system can be harmful to your business, so it is helpful to know which situations to look out for and how to do basic troubleshooting. Read on to learn more.

  1. Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Finding out your heating system won’t start at all may cause panic, especially during business hours. A tripped circuit breaker or a malfunctioning thermostat may cause the system not to turn on, so it’s crucial to check these two early on in your troubleshooting process.

There are many other reasons your furnace won’t start. So, if you can’t fix the issue despite finding the cause, it’s best to call for furnace repair services.

  1. Your Furnace Doesn’t Generate Enough Heat

When the cold weather sets in, the poor heating performance of your furnace can be troublesome. Check the ventilator if it’s clean and in good condition. Checking the air filters is also crucial since clogged dust and dirt in the filters can adversely affect your system’s functionality.

Another likely reason for this issue is that your heating system isn’t the right size for your room or establishment. When you have an oversized or undersized furnace, the temperature becomes inconsistent, which also affects overall comfort. If you need a system replacement, call an HVAC professional.

  1. Your Furnace Isn’t Generating Heat at All

One of the causes for your furnace to stop working is your thermostat. It might be because the fan is set to “on,” causing cold air to pump out once the desired temperature is reached. Changing the setting to “auto” can resolve the problem, as it allows your fan to coordinate with your furnace’s downtime.

Other reasons may be an out pilot light, filter issues, and a closed gas valve. If you have checked these reasons and have seen there are no changes, there might be underlying problems that call for an expert.

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