Having an efficient heating and cooling system for your establishment ensures everyone’s comfort, no matter what the season is. On average, the life expectancy of a commercial HVAC unit is 15-25 years. But it still depends on several factors such as your system’s design or the proper commercial HVAC maintenance your unit needs.

What Factors Affect an HVAC Unit’s Lifespan?

Although purchasing a commercial HVAC system is essential, it’s still quite an investment. By keeping your unit in good shape, you can avoid expensive repairs and the need to install a new system after only a short period. Plus, by having your unit last longer, you make the most out of your investment.

To understand the average life expectancy of your HVAC system, it helps to learn about some factors that affect its lifespan. Here are some of them:

  • Operating Conditions – The operating conditions your HVAC system is exposed to can affect its life expectancy. These include the climate, weather, and its location. Outside, your unit can accumulate dust, dirt, and leaves, while humid and colder weather can affect its functionality. Besides that, chemicals from objects around the house can pose problems on certain parts of your unit.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Whether or not your HVAC system gets proper maintenance has a direct effect on its lifespan. Hiring an expert to inspect your system guarantees the proper care it needs and prevents it from suddenly breaking down. A technician can check for needed repairs and do the necessary tune-up and replacements before any serious damage occurs.
  • Proper System Installation – It’s important to have a qualified professional install your heating and cooling system. This ensures the right kind and size of the unit and the proper installation. If not, it will cause greater wear and tear to your equipment in the long run and contribute to a shorter lifespan.

Get in Touch With a Commercial HVAC Contractor

To keep your commercial HVAC unit functional for a long time, routine maintenance is essential. If you need any professional assistance, talk to one of our reliable technicians at River City Heating & Cooling in Omaha, NE. We offer services such as commercial HVAC maintenance, installation, repair, and more.