When business owners want to hire a heating and cooling company for a specific term, they often sign a contract known as the commercial HVAC maintenance agreement. Once the two parties have agreed upon a plan, the service provider must offer preventive maintenance services to the client on a regular basis. The tasks that will be done are always specified in the agreement.

Signing an HVAC maintenance agreement will ensure that your office’s heating and cooling units will always run smoothly despite the high levels of strain. However, before you go through a plan with any service provider, you must be aware of certain parts of the contract. Some aspects of the agreement you should know about include the following:

  • Services
    You are paying the technicians for the tasks that they will perform. These services should be indicated in full detail on the contract. Some companies might offer affordable plans and use vague terms such as “check” or “inspect” when talking about their maintenance services. However, there’s no guarantee that they will cover adjustments, calibrations, and more.

    If you are going to sign an HVAC maintenance plan with a service provider, you must verify what tasks they are going to do for you. Be mindful of companies that offer cheap deals but refrain from specifying the maintenance and repair work they will do. A reliable HVAC team will give a total cost that is aligned with the services that need to be done on each unit regularly.

  • Calculated Cost
    The cost of an HVAC maintenance agreement comprises of the basic set of maintenance and repair tasks. The final rate is based on what services will be done and how frequently the technicians have to do them.

    For instances when unexpected issues arise, it is best to have the technician address the problem immediately. You need to ensure that this is covered in the maintenance plan. Before signing the contract, check if there is a preferred rate for ad hoc repairs and emergency calls per hour. Doing so will help you avoid surprise costs when you encounter problems with your HVAC system.

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