Once winter is through, you can finally start your annual spring cleaning. Part of this routine should include some DIY maintenance on your HVAC system. If you fail to clean and take care of your unit during this season, you will likely encounter some issues along the way, including leaks and buildups.

Addressing any existing HVAC problems in spring ensures that your system is ready to be used once summer comes. Inspect your units and see if any of the following issues are apparent. If they are, consider hiring an expert on heating and cooling services.

  • Dirty or Muddy Coils
    The coil found in your outdoor compressor is prone to grime and mud buildup, especially after winter. Neglecting to clean this component can prevent your HVAC system from functioning properly. The accumulated dirt also forces your unit to work beyond its capacity. By simply cleaning the area with a garden hose, you can prevent serious problems in the future.
  • Leaks in the Refrigerant
    Among the HVAC issues that commonly occur during spring, leaking is considered very serious. Aside from dripping water, you will likely notice unusual sounds and smells coming from your unit. When this problem occurs, it is best to hire someone who specializes in heating and cooling services.
  • Damaged or Clogged Ducts
    Spotting any issues with your ductwork can be tricky since they’re not as visible as the other components of your HVAC system. You won’t see the damage until you finally feel its effects. You might notice uneven temperatures at home or an increase in your energy bill. If you’ve inspected other parts of your unit and found nothing wrong, then your ducts might be the culprit.
    To ensure that everything will be addressed, let an expert take care of it. An HVAC professional can examine your ductwork and determine the root of the problem. After doing so, they can easily fix it too.

Hire an Experienced HVAC Specialist

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