Old Home? Make It Feel Like New With These Energy Efficient Upgrades!

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Old Home? Make It Feel Like New With These Energy Efficient Upgrades!

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If you live in an old home, you know the pains that come with living in an aging house. If you’re tired of the drafty windows, cold rooms, and high energy bills, here’s how to make your old home feel brand new.

Repair your furnace

Your residential HVAC system relies on a furnace and air conditioner to provide heating and cooling throughout your home. But if your HVAC unit is as old as your home, it’s time to consider buying a newer model.

The average lifespan of a furnace only ranges between 15 and 20 years. This seems like a lot when you buy one brand new, but moving into an old house might result in you stockpiling blankets to keep warm. If your furnace hasn’t been replaced in the last couple of decades, you should look into hiring an HVAC company for the proper furnace repair or replacement. After all, furnace repairs can only be performed so many times before it’s time to kick it to the curb.

Replace those windows

Antique windows look beautiful, but they might not be saving you money. Drafty single-pane windows and ill-fitting frames might make your house drafty and uncomfortable, particularly in the winter. This means that all your warm air, fresh off your furnace repair, is going right out the window. If you’re struggling to heat your home after the proper heating repairs are made, you might want to fix the drafts in your home.

Audit your ductwork

Your HVAC system relies on a series of interconnecting ducts in order to deliver warm air throughout your home. If you have any debris clogging these avenues, you may feel cold spots throughout your home.

With poor ductwork, even a great heating repair job won’t be able to make your home feel warm again. Ensure you hire a residential HVAC company to inspect your ductwork. You may need to repair leaks and holes or even clear out built-up debris. This will be sure to save you money on your next energy bill.

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