Furnace & Air Conditioning Repair in Omaha, NE

We service all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment. Our stocked trucks can repair approximately 90% of typical residential problems. This will likely resolve your heating and cooling problems quickly without the need to order parts. Our factory trained technicians help ensure that your problems are corrected on the first visit.

Ask how our Preventative Maintenance Agreement will save you money and prevent unwanted breakdowns during the peak season. Most people are not aware that heating and cooling equipment should be serviced twice a year. In fact, all manufacturers require maintenance in order to keep any warranty valid. Not to mention it will reduce energy bills and lengthen the lifetime of the system(s).

Residential Preventative Maintenance Program

We offer a comprehensive maintenance program for both the fall and spring seasons. This prepares your HVAC for the stress of the coming months. As part of our HVAC maintenance in Omaha, NE, we test capacitors, inspect and clean evaporators, and insure proper thermostat operation.

Sometimes, electrical connections become weak. We tighten these connections to return them to their proper function. Our technicians will also check your blower motor and wheel, and treat your drain pan and line.

Major Heating Preventative Maintenance (Fall):

  • Check for gas leaks at furnace
  • Insure all safeties are functional
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Inspect igniter for abnormal wear
  • Insure flue pipe is intact and safe
  • Check gas valve for proper operation
  • Check temperature rise of furnace

Major Cooling Preventative Maintenance (Spring):

  • Check refrigerant level (FREON)
  • Clean rinse out outdoor condenser coils, use chemicals if necessary
  • Check contactors for pitting
  • Inspect outdoor electrical disconnect
  • Check amp draws
  • Test compressor windings
  • Inspect outdoor fan motor for overheating
  • Check blower motor and wheel
  • Check temperature differential for cooling

Call us today for more information and to schedule HVAC maintenance or heating/air conditioning repair in Omaha, NE.