How The Proper HVAC System Can Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly

How The Proper HVAC System Can Keep Your Tech Running Smoothly

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heating and coolingBusinesses, corporations, and even home offices often harbor a myriad of sensitive technology. When you live or work with computers, gaming systems, or data centers, maintaining an optimum temperature for equipment performance is vital. Not only can it extend the life of your equipment, but it will keep your equipment running smoothly.

Here’s how temperature can affect your IT equipment.


While one computer won’t get too hot, a large data center or office can be more prone to overheating. This can also happen more frequently with your laptop computer, especially if you use it on your lap or on a blanket where the fans can’t expel the air properly.

Overheating occurs more rapidly in overly hot environments, but large networks are at a higher risk of overheating than most. Electronics are designed to operate within a specific voltage through a network of sensitive components. When these components are exposed to excessive heat on a particularly hot day or work non-stop in a room without the proper air conditioning, these components fail to work properly, leading to slower processes and even shutdowns. As such, it’s vital to make the proper air conditioning repair or call an HVAC contractor about commercial cooling, especially in warmer summer months. The proper heating and cooling will also reduce moisture build-up in your computers.

Excessive cold

While your computer or data system is more prone to overheating than becoming too cold, problems still persist outside of the ideal temperature range.

Computers produce energy when they run, some of which is expelled in the form of heat. This can maintain your computer’s function in cold temperatures, but your computer has no guard against the cold when it’s powered down. Rapid expansion from sudden heat following a period of rest can distort, bend, or even break components. This commonly occurs once older computers are brought out of storage, or during frigid winter months.

The best way to protect your tech is by adopting the proper heating and cooling system for your home or business. Keep in mind that the ideal temperature range for computers and technology is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to change your HVAC system every one to three months for the best in residential heating and cooling efficiency.

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