Common Issues Your Heating System Can Have

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Common Issues Your Heating System Can Have

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Your home’s heating system has likely gotten quite the workout from this year’s harsh winter weather. The cold temperatures aren’t over quite yet, meaning that your heater is going to have to keep up the hard work for at least a few more weeks. In this final push towards spring, it’s important to notice when your system needs heating repair. Know these common issues that tend to plague heating systems and you will be able to call the HVAC contractor Omaha NE trusts before your home is left without heat.

Strange Noises

A good indication that your heating and cooling system needs a heating repair is when you start to hear pops, clangs, squeaks, or creaks from your unit. While the occasional odd noise isn’t completely out of the ordinary for a furnace that is reaching its expected lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, sounds that are significantly different from the norm should cause some concern. This is especially true for units that are only a few years old. As these noises are nearly impossible for you to diagnose on their own, you should always call an experienced HVAC company to check it out.

Dust Appearing In The Air

If you’ve noticed that the air in your home seems to have dust or other particles in it, there may be an issue with your heating system. This problem can happen when your heating unit is unable to clean the air and allows a high volume of dust to escape the furnace’s vents. Often, you can get rid of your home’s air of this pesky dust by changing the filter on the heating unit. If this doesn’t help, contact HVAC maintenance professionals to take a look at why dust is escaping the unit.

Pooling Water

One of the most easily identifiable signs of heating issues is a growing pool of water around your heater. Typically, a clogged condensate line causes pooling water around a heater. If you notice this is happening in your home, contact heating repair professionals right away. This issue may leave your home without heat and will likely require a professional’s HVAC and plumbing expertise.

Your home’s heating system is what makes it a welcoming space. To maintain this level of comfort, you should know the potential problems it can face and how you can spot them. The next time your home has heating or cooling issues, call River City Heating And Cooling right away.

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