5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

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5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

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Any heating and cooling system in good working order should be quiet, efficient, and effective. Ideally, you shouldn’t even notice the presence of your residential cooling unit — it should silently continue to keep your home comfortable.

While a forgettable air conditioner is a good thing, actually forgetting to check on your AC from time to time can become a problem. By the time you notice your air conditioner is not cooling your home as well as it used to, the unit could already be damaged.

Diligent HVAC maintenance inspections and keen observations can keep minor air conditioner problems from becoming AC repair catastrophes. If you notice any of the following five warning signs, schedule AC repairs quickly to avoid further damage:

1. Poor Air Flow

Air conditioners are designed to circulate cool air throughout your home using a blower system with a fan. If you can’t feel a slight breeze near the vent of your unit, it might be time to schedule air conditioning repairs.

2. Blowing Warm Air

Similarly, air conditioners should cool the air before sending it into your home environment. After your air conditioner kicks on, it may take a few minutes for the air to be cooled. However, if your unit has been running for several minutes and is still blowing lukewarm or even hot air, consider calling an HVAC company for AC repairs.

3. Unpleasant Smells

A musty smell might indicate that mold is growing inside your air conditioner. Alternatively, a sour or burning smell might be a sign that the wire insulation has burned out. Any nasty smells should be checked out by an expert quickly to ensure your AC hasn’t become unsafe to use.

4. Loud Noises

An air conditioner should be a silent blessing, not a noisy, distracting sound machine. If your unit makes noises beyond a soft whir, such as bangs, screeches, or rattles, it’s time to call HVAC repair services.

5. High Energy Bills

A typical HVAC unit accounts for 40 to 60% of total energy consumption in a commercial building, and a similarly high percentage for individual homes. As such, if you notice your electricity bill creeping up with each month, your heater or air conditioner could be to blame. Schedule a maintenance check-up to rule out AC damage as the cause for your climbing utility bills.

A healthy air conditioners should be almost invisible. If something’s amiss, chances are, you’ll notice the problem well after the air conditioner needs maintenance. Take time to check your AC for any of these five warning signs. By taking quick action and scheduling repairs, you can extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit to enjoy a comfortable and cool home for years to come.

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