3 Reasons You Need a Service Plan for Your HVAC System

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3 Reasons You Need a Service Plan for Your HVAC System

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Studies show that 66% of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Commercial cooling units are also widely used. Today’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are much more energy-efficient than older models. However, regular HVAC maintenance is still necessary to ensure its peak performance. River City Heating and Cooling lists three reasons why it’s essential to have a service plan for your HVAC unit in place.

1. Prevent System Breakdowns.

The last thing you need is to have your heater stop working during a blizzard. Having a maintenance plan through your local HVAC contractor can help to prevent serious breakdowns like that from occurring. In fact, research indicates that regular inspection of your HVAC system reduces unforeseen breakdowns by approximately 70% to 75%.

2. Keep Your Warranty in Effect.

No owner of an HVAC unit wants to hear that their system needs a costly repair, but the warranty is no longer valid. Every residential and commercial HVAC company requires regular maintenance in order to keep any existing warranty in force.

3. Prepare for the Coming Season.

To prepare for the hard work they’ll be doing in the upcoming winter and summer seasons, twice yearly maintenance inspections of your HVAC unit are recommended.

A thorough fall heating inspection involves checking the temperature rise of your heater, Ensuring that the gas valve works properly, inspecting for gas leaks, checking the igniter for signs of abnormal wear, and checking the integrity of the flue pipe.

A spring inspection of residential or commercial cooling systems entails checking the blower wheel and motor, the temperature differential, and the Freon levels. In addition, the outdoor fan motor is tested for overheating, the outdoor electrical disconnects are checked, and the compressor windings are inspected. The outdoor condenser coils are also cleaned and rinsed out.

Investing in a long-lasting, energy-saving HVAC system is a wise decision. Protecting that investment with a service plan is an even wiser decision. You’ll lower the chances of unexpected unit breakdowns, keep your warranty up-to-date, and prepare your HVAC system for the demands of summer and winter weather. You and your HVAC unit will both benefit.

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